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Planting and Raising Animal

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Preparation for Milking Buffalo

Buffalo Milking

The Raising Buffalo

Before you start your buffalo raising you should prepare first the place where you will put your buffalo. You should prepare the place where it will stay. The pen where you will put the buffalo should have a roof. It should also have a place where you will put the food and water for the buffalo.

The design of the pen for the buffalo should be a bit higher than the ground level. The purpose of this is that it will be easier to clean the pen and faster it will dry. The flouring of the pen could be a concrete cement or a wood. If you choose to use the wood as a flouring the gap between should not be large. It should also have a drainage where it goes to a hole. Make sure that you will have sufficient supply of water for your buffalo. The water should not come from a creek or river because it may contain some parasite in the water. Make sure that the buffalo is comfortable in the pen.

You should also need to have a sufficient supply of food for your buffalo. You better ave a large place where you will get a grass for the buffalo. It is much better if you have a 1000 square meter for every buffalo where you will get a grass for them and where you can plant a grass for your buffalo. The best food that you can give for your buffalo are napier grass, corn, eucaena glauca, leaves of the sugar cane and stylosanthes.