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Dragon Fruit Plant

This is a sample Dragon fruit farm

The dragon fruit is just like a cactus and a vine plant. It can grow and live in a hot and sunny place. It do not need a lot of water to live. The dragon fruit is also a vine like plant because it climbed to what ever that comes to its way. So before you plant a dragon fruit you should prepare first the post where the it will climbed. The post should have a wheel on the top so that when it reach the top the wheel will support the stem when it bend down. The fruit will bend down because it is not as hard as a tree.

To start planting a dragon fruit you need a cutting of it. The cutting is the cut from a dragon fruit stem where it already bares a fruit. In choosing a cutting you should choose a stem where it grows a fruit before. If you choose to plant a stem cutting the has not bares a fruit their a tendency that it will not grow fruit or it may take a long time before you can harvest a fruit. So you better select a stem that has grow a fruit before.

In planting the cutting you should let it grow a root first in a small pot or other container where you will make it live. It better not place in a watery area or where it always wet. When the cutting has a root already place it on where you will grow it. But you should only plant it in a season where it is not rainy or at the end of the rainy season. Before you put the cutting in place you should put a fertilizer at the bottom of its place before you put the cutting in place. Once you have plant a dragon fruit you do not need to always give a water. It is OK if once a week only you give a water. But if it is rainy season you do not need any more give a water to it.


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