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Planting and Raising Animal

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Benefits of Eating Mushroom



The mushroom is kind of a fungi that is edible. There are many benefits on consuming a mushroom. Those benefits are easing or relief your from having a high cholesterol level, breast cancer, prostrate cancer, diabetes, and weight loss by just consuming a mushroom. There many kind of mushroom can give you a health benefits.

In therms of cholesterol level it can give a high lean protein that can help you burn cholesterol when ever you eat a mushroom. Even you eat of a mushroom you will not get cholesterol in eating a mushroom because it have a zero cholesterol, and fats in it. It also have a low carbohydrates. It will help you lower your cholesterol level because it fiber and enzymes can help reduce your cholesterol level.

It also can prevent you from having a breast cancer and prostrate cancer. How does it prevent you from having a breast cancer and prostrate cancer? Because the mushroom have a beta-glucans and linoleic acid  that has a anti carcinogenic effects in your body that prevent us from having a cancer. The mushroom also have a linoleic acid that can make the estrogen that cause of breast cancer suppress. The beta-glucans and the selenium in the mushroom will prevent or inhibit the growth of the cancer cell in your body.

For those who have a diabetes and for those who want loss weight it is a good food for you. Because it has a no fats, no cholesterol, very low carbohydrates, high proteins, vitamins and minerals your body can get lean protein that can be helpful in losing fat and build your muscle mass. Because of digesting a protein a lot of fat will be burned. In terms of diabetes the mushroom contain a natural insulin and enzymes that can break down your sugar or starch that you get from other food. But you must be careful in choosing a mushroom because not all mushroom are edible.


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Benefit of Dragon Fruit

dragon fruit

dragon fruit

The dragon fruit is a very nutritional fruit. You have a lot of nutrition just by eating it. Those nutrition that you can get from the dragon fruit are vitamin C, vitamin B3, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin C, vitamin B3, iron, phosphorus, calcium, carotene, crude fiber, and others. Those nutrient are good for your body.

The are lot of health benefits that you can get from eating a dragon fruit. Those benefits are it protect you from detrimental diseases just like cancer and others. Because it was a good source of antioxidant give you a good protection from sickness. It also reduce your high blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Because the dragon fruit was a good source of vitamin B1, B2, B3, and C it is really good for your body. The vitamin B1 in the dragon fruit will help you to have more energy for you every day life. The vitamin B2 will give you a appetite when ever you loose a appetite and it also act just like a multivitamins for you. The vitamin B3 help you lower your cholesterol level and it can also give you a beautiful skin because it will make your skin smooth and moisturize your skin. The vitamin C in the dragon fruit will help you heal your cuts and bruises faster because it has a high amount of vitamin C and it also increase you immune system.

There are even a lot more things that you can get from eating a dragon fruit. Just like it will lower your blood sugar level, decrease your weight, have a healthy teeth, improve your eye sight, and prevent hypertension. But just regularly eating a dragon fruit you can have a healthy body.

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Preparation for Milking Buffalo

Buffalo Milking

The Raising Buffalo

Before you start your buffalo raising you should prepare first the place where you will put your buffalo. You should prepare the place where it will stay. The pen where you will put the buffalo should have a roof. It should also have a place where you will put the food and water for the buffalo.

The design of the pen for the buffalo should be a bit higher than the ground level. The purpose of this is that it will be easier to clean the pen and faster it will dry. The flouring of the pen could be a concrete cement or a wood. If you choose to use the wood as a flouring the gap between should not be large. It should also have a drainage where it goes to a hole. Make sure that you will have sufficient supply of water for your buffalo. The water should not come from a creek or river because it may contain some parasite in the water. Make sure that the buffalo is comfortable in the pen.

You should also need to have a sufficient supply of food for your buffalo. You better ave a large place where you will get a grass for the buffalo. It is much better if you have a 1000 square meter for every buffalo where you will get a grass for them and where you can plant a grass for your buffalo. The best food that you can give for your buffalo are napier grass, corn, eucaena glauca, leaves of the sugar cane and stylosanthes.

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Dragon Fruit Process

Dragon Fruit Plant

This is a sample Dragon fruit farm

The dragon fruit is just like a cactus and a vine plant. It can grow and live in a hot and sunny place. It do not need a lot of water to live. The dragon fruit is also a vine like plant because it climbed to what ever that comes to its way. So before you plant a dragon fruit you should prepare first the post where the it will climbed. The post should have a wheel on the top so that when it reach the top the wheel will support the stem when it bend down. The fruit will bend down because it is not as hard as a tree.

To start planting a dragon fruit you need a cutting of it. The cutting is the cut from a dragon fruit stem where it already bares a fruit. In choosing a cutting you should choose a stem where it grows a fruit before. If you choose to plant a stem cutting the has not bares a fruit their a tendency that it will not grow fruit or it may take a long time before you can harvest a fruit. So you better select a stem that has grow a fruit before.

In planting the cutting you should let it grow a root first in a small pot or other container where you will make it live. It better not place in a watery area or where it always wet. When the cutting has a root already place it on where you will grow it. But you should only plant it in a season where it is not rainy or at the end of the rainy season. Before you put the cutting in place you should put a fertilizer at the bottom of its place before you put the cutting in place. Once you have plant a dragon fruit you do not need to always give a water. It is OK if once a week only you give a water. But if it is rainy season you do not need any more give a water to it.